My name is Devorah and it delights me that you've arrived here.

You’ve been searching for a magical muse who stirs your imagination. One who understands your longing for new experiences—an out of the ordinary creature with a deliciously creative mind to mirror your own. 

Evident in my large piercing eyes, olive skin, and intensely captivating dark features is an impassioned Jewish and Sicilian heritage. "Small yet mighty" has often been used to describe me; my strong arms and toned back denote raw power. I have a petite frame that is simultaneously athletic, curvy, and slender...and a voracious appetite for an array of earthly delights. 

I choose to adorn my body like a canvas, with elegant illustrations and flecks of gold jewelry. As a visual artist of many mediums, I find that my insatiable lust is an extension of this lifelong passion. While skilled in the arts of pleasure, my true desire is to develop an authentic connection that goes beyond the ordinary. I am a true shapeshifter- my dynamic and playful presence will always keep you on your toes.

On a relaxed day you might find me getting lost in heaps of books, drawing, listening to records, or working with herbs. When more energized I enjoy buzzing around on my bike, going out dancing with friends, attending play parties, boxing, and exploring the outdoors.

Allow me to uncover your innermost fantasies and shape them into a reality. The honey I have to offer is very sweet; I strive to curate only the most unforgettable memories together. 


                                                                     Yours Truly,

                                                                                Devorah Reine