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For smitten new suitors, please connect with me by completing my booking form at the bottom right of this page.

A few days' advance notice is suggested and preferred for booking. I’m rarely available for same day incall appointments in the SF Bay Area with new friends, but feel free to inquire on the off-chance I am free. If we haven’t had the pleasure of meeting and you’re ready to do so, but your schedule is unpredictable- then I strongly suggest you pre-screen with me below.

If we’ve already been acquainted or if you’re a provider needing to reach out for a reference request, you can email me directly at

Current Schedule

When at home in the San Francisco Bay Area, I am available for custom private travel to your city or another destination together.

Philadelphia, New York City, Los Angeles, and Washington DC are the cities I travel to most often. I visit Philly every few months, NYC and LA several times a year, and DC about twice a year.


✧ June 13 & 16-17: ✈ NYC

✧ June 26 - July 16: SF Bay Area / Me to You

✧ July TBA: ✈ Portland

✧ July TBA: ✈ Philadelphia

Contact Form

New friends must fill out the form below to request a meeting with me. I value reflective inquiries that let me know a bit about who you are, your level of experience, and what you desire to explore with me. Only completed contact forms including all of the requested information will receive a response. Please allow up to 48 hours for a response.

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* Inquire for Ravish and Switch & Surrender consideration and details.
Provide me with two days and times you are available, and a time frame if possible (ex: between 4-8pm).
There's a 2 hour minimum for Outcall, Incall in SF, Couples, Ravish, and Switch & Surrender. Longer engagements are always prioritized.
Will you come to me (incall) or I come to you (outcall)?
What do you envision during our time together? If applicable, describe your experience level with kink, any kinks and fantasies you wish to explore with me, and your hard limits.
Tell me briefly about yourself- such as subjects that interest you, hobbies you enjoy, things in life you are passionate about.


In order to receive a response back from me, one of the two screening options detailed below must be filled out in the contact form:

[ Option One ] Two Recent References

List the following information for two independent providers you have seen in the last six months, and please notify them I will be reaching out for a reference in advance:

  • Name

  • Email address

  • Website URL

  • Social media (if applicable)

If possible, please include something to remind them of you or your meeting, as well as a estimated date of when you last met.

[ Option Two ] Employment Verification

If you do not have references, please include your employment information as follows:

  • Company name

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  • Your company email address (which must be listed online)

I will ask you to send a blank or simple email from your work address to my discreet, unpublished, vanilla email address.

If your work information isn't listed on your company website, include the URL to your LinkedIn profile. I will have you send a request to my discreet, vanilla LinkedIn.

[ Option Three ] Identity Verification

Send me a photo of your government ID and a photo of you holding it up next to your face. You can obscure your address if you choose.

[ Option Four ] P411 Verification

Members can make an appointment requests through the site. My P411 # is 212035.

You must have at least 2 OKs from active providers on P411, otherwise I require additional screening information listed above.