My life is quite full outside of this endeavor, therefore I suggest a minimum of 24-48 hours' notice for new clients. For the rare chance I am available for a same-day booking, I may ask an additional fee prior to meeting. 

Due to a high volume of interest, I prioritize longer engagements and my calendar is usually set a week or more in advance- especially when touring.


When you arrive at my incall prior to beginning our session, please have my fee ready in large bills neatly placed in an unsealed envelope on a visible surface. If I am coming to your location, be sure to have my fee somewhere easy to locate upon entry.

Please do not wear any cologne, perfume, or heavily scented deodorant as I am sensitive to fragrances.

current schedule

October 8-12th: SF Bay Area

October 13-17: Los Angeles

October 18-November 13: SF Bay Area

November TBA: NYC

December TBA: Philadelphia

* I am unavailable or on personal travel for days not listed


My screening process is discreet and painless. In order to book with me, I require verification for our mutual safety via references:

  • Two (2) recent references from reputable independent providers that you have seen. I will need their name, email address and/or phone number, and website.

If you do not have references, I accept the following verification:

  • Identity verification: Your full legal name, full birthdate, and phone number (a government ID will suffice).
  • Employment verification: A LinkedIn link or blank email from your work address that includes your title and department or work number. If emailing is not possible, please provide me with: your company name, company email address, and position/title. I will send a vanilla business related email to your work address from a discreet and private account, and will need a response.

Website handles will help speed up screening - please message me from your handle directly. P411 members can make an appointment request through their site, although I require some screening information in addition to this. My P411 # is 212035.



To request an appointment you can either email me at or complete my booking form below. Please include screening information as well as pertinent details. I prioritize reflective inquiries that let me know a bit about who you are, your level of experience, and what you desire to explore with me.


Full Name *
Full Name
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I won't call or text you without scheduling a time in advance- I communicate strictly via email for booking.
City, state, and county
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Two recent references OR identity or employment information (see the section to the left for details).
What type of engagement would you like?
Meeting date (Option 1) *
Meeting date (Option 1)
I prefer a minimum of 24-48 hours notice, but I am more likely to be available a week to a few weeks in advance.
Provide me with a time frame if possible (ex: between 4-8pm)
Meeting date (Option 2) *
Meeting date (Option 2)
Provide me with a time frame if possible (ex: between 4-8pm)
Tell me a little about yourself, and if applicable: your experience level, your kinks and/or fantasies, and what you'd like to explore during our time together.