Now that we have confirmed our appointment, there are a few things I would like to let you know in advance so our time together flows as smoothly as possible.

fee protocol

Please have my fee ready in large bills and neatly placed in an unsealed envelope before our date. 

Incall: When you arrive at my location, please place the envelope on the requested visible surface in front of me.

Outcall: If I am coming to your location, be sure to have my envelope waiting on the bathroom counter. 

anal play (on you) preparation

If you would like to receive anal play and/or strap-on during our time together, please let me know before we meet so I can bring the appropriate supplies and toys.

Before we delve into anal play, being clean inside and out is important for our mutual comfort. 

  1. Eat healthy and avoid coffee the day of our date if possible. Food high in fiber will keep things clean and moving smoothly. I advise against too much caffeine or food that is processed and greasy.
  2. When showering, wash your bottom thoroughly and use a bit of soap on your finger to clean inside of your opening and rinse well.
  3. Either purchase a reusable enema bulb like this one from Amazon, or you can buy a Fleet enema from any drugstore. 
  4. Follow this step at least an hour before playing to allow all of the water to release: If using a Fleet, pour out the saline solution and instead fill it with lukewarm or warm water (tap or filtered).
  5. Lay on your side or bottoms up for comfort, lube up the nozzle, and slowly (to avoid cramping) squeeze/release the enema inside of you. Hold the water in you until the pressure makes it necessary to release into the toilet.
  6. You may want to do this 2-3 times if necessary until the water runs clear. Be patient as it takes some time for an enema to fully release.

If you plan to engage in depth play or fisting, I recommend using an enema bag for deeper cleaning. Follow the same steps above. Do not use too much liquid or do this too often to avoid dehydration.


Please do not wear any cologne, perfume, or heavily scented deodorant as I am sensitive to fragrances and certain chemicals.

Incall: After you arrive and my fee is received, I will lead you to the bathroom to shower. Toiletries and fresh towels will be available.

Outcall: Please be freshly showered shortly before I arrive at your location, or you can shower off after my fee is received.

bondage (on you) preparation

If you would like to experience light to heavy bondage, it is important to have a balanced meal and hydrate with plenty of water before playing. 

Not drinking enough water or eating enough food can cause dehydration or low blood sugar. This can result in dizziness or fainting. If you are prone to this or have certain conditions that cause fainting, please be sure to take care of yourself as described above before you arrive.

Ravish and Switch & Surrender 

If you are interested in my Ravish or Switch & Surrender experiences (but haven't indicated so on my contact form or in our emails) I will need to be notified of this before we meet. If you decide during our date that you'd like one of these options without letting me know prior, I will decline even if you have the additional fee ready. 

My Hard Limits

Please familiarize yourself with my hard limits (things I don't like done to me) below, also listed on my Kinks page. 

My hard limits as a dominant include: ABDL, scat, serious bodily harm, and degradation around body weight, race, gender, and orientation. Calling me "Mistress" or "Goddess".

My hard limits as a switch & submissive include: degradation, spitting, faceslapping, breath play, hard nipple torment, ice play, fisting, whipping, caning, electrical play, needles, bruises/marking, receiving watersports, enemas, and scat.