After much time spent in separate realms as a companion and professional dominatrix, I am thrilled to offer the best of both worlds in combining these two experiences. I skillfully integrate components of traditional kink and BDSM with the intimate qualities of a companion, which feels the most authentic and natural for me. My interests are vast and my style is versatile; for those that enjoy traditional intimacy without kink, I am available for classic companionship.


Perhaps you are looking to fulfill unexplored kinky fantasies with a creative and understanding playmate. If you are a seasoned player, I would love to expand your horizons. You will find me to be an intuitive and sensual dominant if you have submissive desires. If you are entirely new to kink, I'd love to be your guide.


If you enjoy classic companionship, I too find immense pleasure in dates that are simply sweet and sensual. These types of encounters are lovely for getting to know each other on a more affectionate level. This is a great option if you are curious about kink, and want to explore an initial connection before delving into that realm.


A more lusty, uninhibited date that can be classic...or perhaps kinky with me dominating you.

Switch & Surrender

I eagerly switch or submit to you in a D/s dynamic- think of this as Ravish plus my submission.


There are so many activities I relish in the realm of kink and fetish as a dominant, switch, and submissive. 


Role-play is one of my favorite ways to fuse D/s and imagination. You can choose one of my ideas or craft your own.


If you desire an extended D/s dynamic or role-play in the public realm as my submissive, there are many options.

non discrimination Policy

I am open to meeting folks of all ethnicities, genders, sexual orientations, body types, and abilities. Don't hesitate to ask if you require special accommodations.

duos with friends

I delight in group playdates with my highly recommended friends and lovers. Visit my friends page to peruse possibilities for adding a friend (or more) into the mix.

Couples + Triads

Being the perfect unicorn for a couple or triad is one of my favorite things. I will ask hear from each individual separately upon contact to make sure that we are all on the same page. I have a 2 hour minimum for couples and triads. Please add 100 per hour booked for couples and 200 per hour booked for triads, in consideration of my time planning for more than one.

WOMEn + more

I am pansexual and truly love seeing women solo, as well as folks across the vast gender spectrum (trans, non-binary, genderfluid, genderqueer, agender, etc).


I am committed to providing a safe space for fellow companions (current or retired) to explore their sexuality. 


I am familiar in seeing with folks with disabilities, and I would be delighted to spend time with you. One of the Emeryville incalls I rent hourly is wheelchair accessible. I am also happy to secure an accessible hotel room to meet your needs. 

FOLKS on the spectrum

I am comfortable seeing people on the autism spectrum and would like to accomodate any special needs you may have.