Here you will find a handful of providers who I offer duos with and highly recommend. While we live in different places, we love to travel and can often be found stirring up trouble in the same cities. Fancy having one of my friends join in on our fun?

Arabelle Raphael

SF Bay Area - International

I met Arabelle in Oakland through mutual friends, and immediately felt a sense of familiarity with this fellow witty Jewish jezebel. Sharing interests and play styles- we decided to film a hot scene together. You will surely fall for this stunning babe, whether it's traditional companionship or kink that you desire.

Kinsey Pink

NYC - International

I first noticed Kinsey online and squealed with delight when Robin finally introduced us in NYC. Having similar stature, style, and energy- we got to know each other much better during a hedonistic vacation with Robin. You will find this nonbinary fetish companion and playful pervert to be the ultimate kink aficionado.

robin ardeur

NYC - International

Robin originally caught my attention online, and we eventually met in person at a queer porn film fest in NYC. We instantly connected over our mutual passion for kink and shared raunchy humor. As an avid traveler, this bohemian beauty is the perfect adventure companion for all of your decadent and depraved desires.


New Orleans - Nationwide

I had been chatting with Charli and Margeaux online before finally meeting them at a party that Robin hosted in NYC. Getting to know them and their unique chemistry over drinks and jokes has been a joy. These two are a dream team; the most dashing pair of kinky girlfriends to fulfill all of your fantasies.

ms. chloe Mercury

SF Bay Area - Nationwide

I had been admiring Chloe online before moving to the Bay Area, and finally met her in the flesh at a dance party in SF. We quickly discovered that we have lots of mutual friends and share passion for a variety of social justice issues. You will find Chloe a stunning  incredibly skilled, sultry, and whip-smart dominatrix.


valerie august

London - International

I met Valerie during her visit in San Francisco at the grand opening of the new St. James Infirmary. Her wit and flirty demeanor had me smitten we shared drinks after the event. Valerie is whip-smart and uninhibited, complete with hypnotic smile, poised confidence and a fondness for kinky misbehaviour. 


Eden Rae

SF Bay Area - Nationwide

Eden and I first connected over dinner, and later went on a fun ferry adventure to Angel Island with a mutual friend. I was immediately captivated by her alluring and sweet attitude. This babe has a sparkling personality, and you'll find her to be the perfect down to earth companion for any occasion.

miss Natalie Sharp

SF Bay Area - Nationwide

I met Natalie at a sex worker event in San Francisco and was very quickly drawn to her strong presence after chatting for a bit. She is a gorgeous and skilled domme of trans experience- a gender rebel, detailed kinkster, and fierce femme. Natalie will command your attention and offer you a truly unique experience.


Nicolette Bond

Berlin - London - International

Nicolette and I met during her trip to the states through Robin and Kinsey, at a yearly outing in the woods of Tennessee. This Scorpio babe had me immediately intrigued by her mysterious charm and prowess. Nicolette is heartfelt hedonist and luxury libertine who will instigate all your deepest desires.


SF Bay Area - Nationwide

I initially met Sophia at a sex work activism meeting in San Francisco and was enamored by her warm presence. We continued to run into each other at various sex worker events before both volunteering on a sex worker self care day. Sophia is a caring and passionate companion and sensual artist - a true modern day courtesan.

Screen Shot 2018-02-09 at 2.07.06 AM.png


Toronto - International

Asha and I made an acquaintance through mutual friends in our community and hit it off after chatting for a bit about shared interests. From the start, I was attracted to her unique beauty and intellect. Asha is an adventurous and seductive spirit who relishes in intimate connection, fantasy, and kink.