Here you will find a handful of friends who I offer duos with and highly recommend- Fancy having one or more of these hot babes join in on our fun?



SF Bay Area - Nationwide

Aurora is a captivating petite nymph and cosmic playmate offering sensual transformation. This babe is will draw you in with intensity and authentic connection.

ms. chloe Mercury

SF Bay Area - Nationwide

Chloe is a tall and incredibly stunning dominatrix of many years. Her sultry and intuitive ways will captivate and mesmerize you while under her control.

Kinsey Pink

NYC - International

Kinsey Pink is a petite perverted powerhouse at your service- a dapper and tattooed tomboy specializing in fetish and kink adventures. Allow them to be your guide.


New Orleans - Nationwide

Charli and Margeaux are the total package - a tattooed dream team of the most dashing and deviant girlfriends. Their forte is fulfilling your wildest of kinky fantasies.

miss Natalie Sharp

SF Bay Area - Nationwide

Natalie is an elegant and gorgeous trans domina, detailed kink practitioner, and fierce femme. She will expertly command your attention and obedience.

robin ardeur

NYC - International

Robin Ardeur is the decadent and depraved kinky companion. You'll find this worldly alternative beauty the perfect companion for all of your deepest desires.


valerie august

London - International

Valerie is a whip-smart and uninhibited mistress and companion, complete with a hypnotic smile, poised confidence and a fondness for kinky misbehaviour. 


Nicolette Bond

Berlin - London - International

Nicolette is a petite heartfelt hedonist and luxury libertine who will instigate all your deepest desires. Her mysterious charm and prowess will leave you wanting more. 


Toronto - International

Asha Singh is an adventurous and seductive vixen who specializes in intimate connection and kink. Allow yourself to relish in her unique beauty and intellect.