I offer D/s immersion experiences for those who wish to submit to me in a public setting (3 hours or more), and extended sessions for more intensity (6 hours or more).

  • Dinner & dominance: Treat me to a fine dinner with drinks and dessert, while under D/s protocol as we converse. Perhaps you will discreetly wear a butt plug and drink my golden nectar from a champagne glass at the table, as I wear your chastity key around my neck.

  • Night out on the town: Take me out for an evening at my favorite bar, club, or show as my proud pet. I especially love naughty adventures at gay clubs, leather bars, private play parties, and underground kink events. Art shows, concerts, burlesque performances, and plays also tickle my fancy.

  • Shopping trips: What a privilege to be out in public with me as I browse, pick out, and try on an elegant lingerie set or leather jacket. You patiently hold my bags, finally treating me to my favorite things. Perfect for you toy, shoe, and material fetishists who enjoy watching me indulge in particular items.

  • Errands & assignments: How fun it is as you blush with embarrassment while standing in line at the grocery store, wearing panties under your clothes. Perhaps you nervously text me while in line at the pharmacy, coveting lube and enemas from other customers.