The new doctor walks in to conduct your annual physical- her attractiveness is disarming. Naked on the exam table, you feel exposed and vulnerable as she examines you from head-to-toe. You are visibly aroused by the seductive touch of her warm gloved fingers and cool metal instruments as they poke and probe you, exploring your whole body.


You decide to book an appointment with a therapist to discuss some taboo desires that you have been supressing for quite a while. You want to release the shame and guilt you hold under the guidance of a professional. Your new therapist is quite stunning and urges you to demonstrate these fantasies. Soon enough, you find yourself teased and taunted under her control.


After you arriving late to class again and without your assignments, your teacher scolds you and instructs you to sit up front by her desk. She notices you staring at her stocking-clad legs as you rub yourself under your desk. You are given a detention slip and must meet her after class for an over-the-knee spanking and other punishments.

Bitchy boss

The deadline for your company's annual reports have passed and you are hardly close to finishing. Your sext younger boss angrily calls you into her office, demanding an explanation. Unconvinced, she asks how badly you want to keep your job. You beg her to not fire you- you will do anything to keep your position. She smiles and takes full advantage of your offer.


Seeking counsel for some love matters, you arrive to the witches lair. Your mind begins to fog after ingesting a few potions that she claimed would fix your problems. You slowly find yourself hypnotized and seduced by this mysterious woman; has some kind of spell been placed on you? Before you know it, you are completely overcome by her potent magic.


You find yourself curiously attracted to the young, feminine boi who was just hired by your company. After a business meeting, he suggests that you both go to the office to look over the new project you have been working on. Once there, you notice the prominent bulge in his pants and are quickly seduced by his boyish charms.